Find ways to save money create some quality furniture and learn a lot about simple building techniques along the way. […]

Simple Style Corner Bench. Painted a bright color this bench will be a focal point of your patio or deck. […]

With a rectangular green carpet in the centre plant medium sized plants all around the borders. You can use marble […]

Dig out the fire pit and seating area. So gather 80 feet of landscape edging for the seating area plus […]

There is a semi-sphere fire pit in the center. Assembled of wooden planks the bench provides a comfy seat and […]

Next stage is the wooden seating Chris will make a table to match in and it will all be topped […]

See more ideas about backyard outdoor gardens backyard landscaping. Gallery of Fire Pit Seating Area. Sunken Circular Seating Area With […]

For an astounding comfortable turn on outdoor fire pit seating decorate your yard with a hanging egg seat or two. […]

Always read the outdoor garden bench plans carefully and make sure. The back and seat of the bench are landscaping […]

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