And stained it with my never-ending stain leftover from my first kitchen table project and my medallion table too. I […]

The ironing board folds flat for storage and is a sweet addition to any toy kitchen. Sadly the irony pun […]

Paint color of your choice 1. When I started working on my master bedroom and decided on a dark-colored board […]

These joints are achieved through the tight butted boards that allow for minimal seepage of the concrete pour into the […]

Start by creating an X and then positioning the rest of the ribbons. Burgundy Slim 9 x 24 4200 – […]

DIY Makeup Board Organization Renter-Friendly By Meredith November 26. Measure the space where youll place your DIY magnetic makeup board. […]

This is my instructable to get your make up sorted and to have everything at your disposal at one glance. […]

View It on eBay. View It on eBay. Wooden Toy Ironing Board 1920 S 1930 S Wood Ironing Boards Wooden […]