Modern Fireplace Ideas

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50 Best Modern Fireplace Designs and Ideas for 2017

Modern Fireplace Ideas


Fireplaces have evolved over the years, and modern fireplace ideas offer a variety of designs to suit different tastes and interior styles. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional home, there are plenty of options to choose from. In this article, we will explore some of the latest trends and ideas for modern fireplaces in 2023.

1. Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience and energy efficiency. They provide warmth and ambiance without the need for a chimney or venting. Modern electric fireplaces come in sleek designs and can be easily integrated into any room, making them a great option for small spaces.

2. Linear Fireplaces

Linear fireplaces have become a popular choice for modern homes. These fireplaces feature a long, horizontal design that creates a stunning focal point in any room. They can be installed in various locations, such as the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom, adding both warmth and style to the space.

3. Double-Sided Fireplaces

If you want to create a sense of openness and connection between two rooms, a double-sided fireplace is the perfect choice. These fireplaces can be enjoyed from both sides, making them an excellent addition to a shared living and dining area or a master bedroom and bathroom suite.

4. Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular, and an outdoor fireplace can enhance the beauty and functionality of your backyard or patio. Modern outdoor fireplaces are designed to withstand the elements and provide a cozy gathering spot for family and friends all year round.

5. Fireplace Inserts

If you have an existing traditional fireplace that is not being used, consider installing a fireplace insert. These inserts are designed to fit into the opening of your old fireplace, providing an updated and efficient heating solution. Choose from a variety of modern designs and fuel options, such as gas or electric.

6. Minimalist Designs

For those who prefer a clean and minimalist look, there are plenty of modern fireplace designs that will complement your style. Opt for a sleek, wall-mounted fireplace or a minimalist freestanding design. These fireplaces focus on simplicity and allow the beauty of the flames to take center stage.

7. Eco-Friendly Options

With an increasing emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly fireplace options have become more popular. Look for fireplaces that use clean-burning fuels, such as ethanol, or choose electric fireplaces that are energy efficient. These options not only reduce your carbon footprint but also provide a healthier indoor environment.

8. Mixed Materials

To add visual interest to your fireplace, consider incorporating mixed materials into the design. Combine metal, wood, stone, or even glass to create a unique and modern look. Mixing materials adds texture and depth to the fireplace, making it a striking focal point in your space.

9. Statement Mantels

A statement mantel can transform a simple fireplace into a stunning feature. Choose a mantel made of a unique material, such as reclaimed wood or marble, to add character and style. You can also personalize the mantel with artwork, mirrors, or decorative items to make it truly stand out.