Wine Bottle Christmas Crafts Decor Ideas

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25 Christmas Decoration Ideas With Wine Bottles Do it yourself ideas


Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your home for the festive season. If you’re looking for unique and creative decor ideas, why not consider using wine bottles? Wine bottle Christmas crafts are a great way to repurpose old bottles and create stunning decorations that will impress your guests. In this article, we will provide you with some fantastic ideas to inspire your creativity and help you create a festive atmosphere in your home.

1. Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

One of the most popular wine bottle Christmas crafts is the wine bottle Christmas tree. Start by collecting empty wine bottles of various sizes. Clean them thoroughly and remove the labels. Then, paint the bottles in different shades of green to resemble a Christmas tree. You can also add glitter or snow spray for a magical touch. Arrange the bottles in a pyramid shape and secure them with adhesive or tie them together with ribbons. Decorate the tree with mini ornaments and string lights for a dazzling display.

2. Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Transform your empty wine bottles into elegant candle holders. Simply clean the bottles and remove any labels. Insert taper candles into the bottles’ necks, ensuring they are secure. You can also decorate the bottles by wrapping them with twine or ribbon and adding holiday-themed accents like holly or pinecones. Light the candles in the evening to create a warm and cozy ambiance in your home.

3. Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Create beautiful centerpieces for your Christmas table using wine bottles. Paint the bottles in festive colors like red, gold, or silver. Fill them with seasonal flowers, such as poinsettias or holly, or use them as vases for greenery and pinecones. You can also tie ribbons or bows around the bottles to add a touch of elegance. These centerpieces will be the perfect focal point for your holiday meals.

4. Wine Bottle Advent Calendar

Add a creative twist to the traditional advent calendar by using wine bottles. Collect 24 empty wine bottles and number them from 1 to 24. Fill each bottle with a small gift or treat. Decorate the bottles with festive wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. Arrange the bottles in a Christmas tree shape or line them up on a shelf. Each day, open a bottle to reveal a surprise. This unique advent calendar will bring joy and excitement to the countdown to Christmas.

5. Wine Bottle Santa Claus

Create adorable Santa Claus decorations using wine bottles. Paint the bottles in red and let them dry. Use white paint to create Santa’s face and beard. Add googly eyes and a small pom-pom for the nose. Use cotton balls or white fabric to make his hat and beard. Finish off the look by adding a black ribbon as his belt. These charming Santa Claus bottles will bring a festive spirit to any corner of your home.

6. Wine Bottle Snowmen

Make cute snowmen decorations out of wine bottles. Paint the bottles in white and let them dry. Use black paint to create the eyes, mouth, and buttons. Cut a small piece of orange felt or foam to make the carrot nose and glue it on. Wrap a scarf around the neck of the bottle and add a top hat made of black felt. These wine bottle snowmen will add a whimsical touch to your Christmas decor.

7. Wine Bottle Holiday Lanterns

Turn your wine bottles into charming holiday lanterns. Clean the bottles and remove any labels. Paint the bottles in colors like red, green, or gold. Insert battery-operated LED tea lights into the bottles and secure the tops with cork or decorative caps. You can also add ribbons or bows for extra flair. Place these lanterns on your windowsills or use them as table decorations to create a festive atmosphere.

8. Wine Bottle Wreath

Create a unique and rustic wreath using wine bottles. Collect several empty bottles and paint them in a color of your choice. Arrange the bottles in a circular shape, interlocking them to form a wreath. Secure them with adhesive or tie them together with twine. Add greenery, pinecones, and ornaments to the wreath to make it more festive. Hang the wine bottle wreath on your front door or above your fireplace for a show-stopping decoration.

9. Wine Bottle Garland

Add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decor with a wine bottle garland. Collect several empty bottles and paint them in metallic colors like gold, silver, or bronze. Tie a ribbon around the neck of each bottle and secure it with a bow. Attach the bottles to a string or ribbon, spacing them evenly. Hang the garland on your staircase railing, mantel, or wall to create a stunning visual display.


Using wine bottles for Christmas crafts is not only environmentally friendly but also allows you to showcase your creativity. Whether you choose to make a wine bottle Christmas tree, candle holders, centerpieces, or any other craft idea, these decorations will add a unique and festive touch to your home. Get creative and have fun transforming your empty wine bottles into beautiful Christmas decor that will impress your family and friends.