Halloween Crafts For Kids – 2023

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Top 10 Halloween Crafts for Kids S&S Blog

Halloween Crafts for Kids – 2023


Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids to let their creativity shine. One of the best ways to get into the Halloween spirit is by creating crafts with your little ones. In this article, we will explore some easy and enjoyable Halloween crafts that kids can make this year. These crafts are not only entertaining but also help develop their fine motor skills and imagination.

1. Paper Plate Jack-o’-Lanterns

One classic Halloween craft is making paper plate Jack-o’-Lanterns. All you need are some paper plates, orange paint, and black construction paper. Have the kids paint the paper plates orange and let them dry. Then, they can cut out facial features from the black construction paper and glue them onto the plates. Hang these spooky decorations around the house or use them as masks.

2. Spooky Spider Webs

Another simple yet effective craft is creating spooky spider webs. Provide the children with black yarn or string and some white glue. Instruct them to dip the yarn into the glue and carefully place it in a spiral pattern on a piece of black construction paper. Once dry, they can add plastic spiders or draw spiders using a white marker. These creepy spider webs make great decorations for windows or walls.

3. Ghostly Handprints

A fun and interactive craft is making ghostly handprints. You will need white construction paper, black paint, and a paintbrush. Help the kids paint their palms with black paint and press them onto the white paper. Once dry, they can use markers to draw ghostly faces on their handprints. These ghostly creations can be displayed on the fridge or turned into greeting cards for family and friends.

4. Pumpkin Seed Art

After carving pumpkins, don’t throw away the seeds! Instead, save them for a unique craft activity. Give the kids some glue, construction paper, and the pumpkin seeds. They can create beautiful artwork by gluing the seeds onto the paper in various shapes and patterns. Once the glue dries, they can add colors using markers or paint. These pumpkin seed artworks can be framed and displayed as Halloween decorations.

5. Monster Treat Bags

Get ready for trick-or-treating by making monster treat bags. Collect some plain paper bags, googly eyes, and markers. Let the kids decorate the bags with monster faces using the markers and glue googly eyes to bring them to life. These personalized treat bags will make Halloween night even more special and can be reused for years to come.

6. Mummy Mason Jars

Transform ordinary mason jars into spooky mummy lanterns. Wrap white gauze or bandages around the jars, leaving small gaps for the light to shine through. Glue googly eyes or draw eyes on the jars using markers. Place battery-operated tea lights inside the jars, and you’ll have eerie mummy lanterns to illuminate your Halloween decorations.

7. Bat Silhouettes

Create a colony of bats by making bat silhouettes. Cut out bat shapes from black construction paper or use pre-made bat templates. Attach them to windows, walls, or doors using removable adhesive putty. The bat silhouettes will add a spooky touch to your home decor and set the Halloween mood.

8. Candy Corn Garland

Add a festive touch to your Halloween celebrations with a candy corn garland. Cut out triangles from yellow, orange, and white construction paper to resemble candy corn pieces. Punch holes at the top of each triangle and string them together using yarn or twine. Hang the garland around your home or across the fireplace mantel for a sweet Halloween decoration.

9. Witch Hat Toss

For a fun Halloween party game, create a witch hat toss. Gather some black construction paper, a large piece of cardboard, and a few bean bags. Cut out a witch hat shape from the black construction paper and attach it to the cardboard. Mark different point values on the cardboard. Have the kids take turns tossing the bean bags and see who can score the most points. This game will keep them entertained and active during the Halloween party.


Halloween crafts are a fantastic way to engage kids in creative activities while embracing the spooky spirit of the season. Whether it’s making paper plate Jack-o’-Lanterns, creating spooky spider webs, or playing witch hat toss, these crafts will provide hours of entertainment and delight. Encourage your children to get crafty this Halloween and watch their imaginations soar!