Geranium Landscaping Ideas In 2023

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Geranium Landscaping Ideas in 2023


Geraniums are popular flowers that can add beauty and color to any landscaping project. Whether you have a small garden or a large outdoor space, geraniums can be a great addition. In this article, we will explore some creative geranium landscaping ideas for the year 2023. These ideas will help you create a stunning and attractive outdoor area that will impress your guests and neighbors.

1. Geraniums as Borders

One popular way to incorporate geraniums into your landscaping is by using them as borders. Planting geraniums along the edges of your garden beds or pathways can create a beautiful and defined look. Choose geranium varieties with vibrant colors, such as red or pink, to make a bold statement.

2. Geranium Hanging Baskets

If you have limited space in your garden, consider using geraniums in hanging baskets. Hang the baskets from pergolas, fences, or tree branches to create a cascading effect. Mix different geranium colors for a visually appealing display. Remember to water the baskets regularly to keep the plants healthy.

3. Geranium Flower Beds

Create eye-catching flower beds by planting geraniums in clusters. Choose a variety of geranium colors to create a vibrant and diverse display. You can also combine geraniums with other flowers that complement their colors, such as petunias or marigolds.

4. Geranium Pots and Containers

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, consider using geraniums in pots and containers. Place the pots strategically around your patio or porch to create focal points. Opt for decorative pots that match your overall landscaping theme.

5. Geraniums in Rock Gardens

For a unique and natural look, incorporate geraniums into your rock garden. Plant the geraniums among the rocks and let them spread naturally. This will create a beautiful contrast between the soft flowers and the rugged rocks.

6. Geraniums on Trellises

Use trellises to support climbing geranium varieties. This will add height and vertical interest to your garden. Train the geraniums to climb the trellises and create a stunning display of flowers.

7. Geraniums in Window Boxes

Add charm to your home by planting geraniums in window boxes. Choose window boxes that match your house’s exterior and fill them with geraniums of various colors. This will enhance your home’s curb appeal and make it more inviting.

8. Geraniums as Ground Cover

If you have large open spaces in your garden, consider using trailing geranium varieties as ground cover. Plant them in between other plants or on slopes to prevent soil erosion and add visual interest to the area.

9. Geraniums in Hanging Gardens

Create a unique and captivating display by planting geraniums in vertical gardens. Hang planters filled with geraniums on walls or fences. This will not only save space but also create a visually stunning feature in your outdoor area.


Geraniums offer endless possibilities when it comes to landscaping. Whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, there is a geranium landscaping idea that will suit your taste. Experiment with different colors, arrangements, and combinations to create a personalized and beautiful outdoor space.