Cheap Diy Fall Decor Ideas

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100 Cheap and Easy DIY Fall Decor Ideas for 2021 Prudent Penny Pincher

Are you looking to spruce up your home for the fall season without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with some amazing and budget-friendly DIY fall decor ideas to transform your space into a cozy autumn retreat.

1. Fall Wreaths

A fall wreath is a simple yet effective way to add a touch of autumn to your front door or any wall in your home. You can create one using materials found in nature, such as colorful leaves, pinecones, and twigs. Simply gather these items, attach them to a wreath base using hot glue, and voila! You have a beautiful fall wreath.

2. Mason Jar Candle Holders

Transform ordinary mason jars into stunning candle holders for a cozy fall ambiance. Fill the jars with acorns, pinecones, or dried leaves, and place a candle in the center. Light them up during chilly evenings to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home.

3. Leaf Garland

Collect a variety of autumn leaves and string them together to create a beautiful leaf garland. You can hang it across your fireplace mantel, staircase, or even on your front porch. This simple DIY project adds a pop of color and brings the essence of fall into your living space.

4. Pumpkin Centerpieces

No fall decor is complete without pumpkins! Use small pumpkins as centerpieces for your dining table or coffee table. You can paint them in different colors, add glitter, or carve out unique designs. This inexpensive idea adds a festive touch to your home.

5. Cozy Throw Blankets

As the weather gets cooler, cozy throw blankets become essential. Look for affordable blankets in fall colors such as burnt orange, deep red, or mustard yellow. Drape them over your couch or chairs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

6. Fall Scented Candles

Fill your home with the soothing scents of fall by lighting fall-scented candles. Choose fragrances like pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, or warm vanilla. Not only do they add a pleasant aroma, but they also create a cozy ambiance.

7. Pinecone Decorations

Pinecones are abundant during the fall season and make excellent decorative items. You can spray paint them in metallic colors, attach them to wreaths or garlands, or simply display them in a decorative bowl. Get creative and let nature inspire your fall decor.

8. Fall-themed Pillows

Add a touch of fall to your living room or bedroom by swapping out your regular pillows with fall-themed ones. Look for pillows with designs like leaves, pumpkins, or plaid patterns. They instantly add a cozy and festive vibe to any space.

9. Outdoor Fall Display

Don’t forget to spruce up your outdoor space as well! Create an inviting fall display on your porch or patio by arranging hay bales, pumpkins, and potted mums. Add some string lights or lanterns for an extra touch of charm.


With these cheap DIY fall decor ideas, you can transform your home into a cozy and inviting space for the autumn season. Get creative, embrace the colors and textures of fall, and enjoy the warm and festive atmosphere in your home.