9 Old Shutter Decor Ideas

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In this blog post, we will explore some creative and unique ideas to repurpose old shutters for home decor. Old shutters can add a rustic and vintage charm to any space, and with a little creativity, they can be transformed into functional and stylish pieces. Whether you have salvaged shutters or are looking to purchase some, these ideas will inspire you to give them a new life.

1. Shutter Wall Art

One popular way to use old shutters is to turn them into wall art. You can paint them in vibrant colors, distress them for a vintage look, or leave them as they are for a more natural appeal. Hang them on a blank wall to create a focal point or arrange multiple shutters to create a unique gallery wall. Add some decorative items like wreaths, mirrors, or framed pictures to enhance the visual interest.

2. Shutter Room Divider

If you have an open floor plan or want to create separate zones in a room, repurposing old shutters as room dividers is a clever idea. You can hinge multiple shutters together to create a folding screen that can be easily adjusted as needed. Not only will it add a touch of vintage charm, but it will also provide privacy and define different areas within a space.

3. Shutter Headboard

Give your bedroom a unique and rustic look by using old shutters as a headboard. Simply attach the shutters to the wall behind your bed or secure them to a wooden frame for more stability. Depending on your style preference, you can paint the shutters to match your existing decor or leave them in their natural state for a more weathered look.

4. Shutter Organizer

Transform old shutters into a functional organizer by adding hooks, clips, or small shelves. Hang it near the entryway to keep keys, sunglasses, and other essentials organized, or in the kitchen to store cooking utensils and spices. The slats of the shutters can also be used to hold mail or display photos and notes.

5. Shutter Garden Trellis

If you enjoy gardening, repurposing old shutters as a garden trellis can add a delightful touch to your outdoor space. Secure the shutters to a fence or wall and use them as support for climbing plants like roses, ivy, or morning glories. Not only will it provide a beautiful backdrop, but it will also help to maximize your vertical gardening space.

6. Shutter Tabletop

Create a unique and rustic tabletop using old shutters. Simply attach the shutters to a sturdy base and secure them with screws or brackets. This DIY project is perfect for a coffee table, side table, or even a dining table. You can leave the shutters as they are or add a glass top for a more polished look.

7. Shutter Shelf

Repurpose old shutters into a charming shelf by securing them to the wall and adding wooden planks or brackets. This can be a great addition to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. You can display decorative items like plants, books, or framed photos on the shelves, adding a touch of vintage charm to your space.

8. Shutter Photo Display

Showcase your favorite memories by repurposing old shutters as a photo display. Simply attach clips or strings to the shutters and hang your photos. This DIY project adds a personal and nostalgic touch to any room, and you can easily change the displayed photos whenever you want.

9. Shutter Mirror Frame

Transform a plain mirror into a statement piece by using old shutters as a frame. Simply measure the size of the mirror and cut the shutters accordingly. Secure the shutters around the mirror using nails or screws, and you’ll have a unique and eye-catching mirror that will enhance the overall look of your space.


Old shutters have endless possibilities when it comes to home decor. From wall art to functional organizers, there are numerous ways to repurpose them and add a vintage touch to your space. Get creative, let your imagination run wild, and give your old shutters a new life!