Rustic Farmhouse Spring Decor Ideas

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50+ Rustic Farmhouse Spring Decor Ideas and Designs for 2021

Rustic Farmhouse Spring Decor Ideas


Spring is the perfect season to refresh your home decor and bring in the warmth and charm of rustic farmhouse style. With its natural elements, vintage accents, and cozy atmosphere, rustic farmhouse decor is all about creating a welcoming and inviting space. In this article, we will explore some creative ideas to infuse your home with rustic farmhouse charm this spring.

1. Incorporate Natural Elements

One of the key elements of rustic farmhouse decor is the use of natural materials. Bring the outdoors in by incorporating elements such as reclaimed wood, wicker baskets, and fresh flowers. Display a bouquet of wildflowers in a mason jar or hang a wreath made of twigs and dried flowers on your front door.

2. Embrace Soft Pastel Colors

Spring is synonymous with soft pastel colors. Embrace the season by incorporating shades of pale pink, mint green, baby blue, and light yellow into your decor. Paint an accent wall in a soft pastel hue or add pastel-colored throw pillows and blankets to your living room or bedroom.

3. Mix Vintage and Modern Elements

Rustic farmhouse style is all about the perfect blend of old and new. Mix vintage finds like antique wooden furniture, distressed picture frames, and vintage-inspired textiles with modern elements such as sleek metal accents and contemporary artwork. This creates a unique and eclectic look that is both timeless and stylish.

4. Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Spring is the perfect time to create a cozy reading nook where you can relax and unwind. Place a comfortable armchair by a window and add a soft throw blanket and some plush cushions. Complete the look with a rustic wooden side table and a vintage-inspired floor lamp for the perfect ambiance.

5. Use Galvanized Metal Accents

Galvanized metal accents are a staple in rustic farmhouse decor. Incorporate elements such as galvanized metal buckets, watering cans, and wall sconces into your spring decor. Hang a galvanized metal tray on the wall and use it to display a collection of vintage glass bottles or small potted plants.

6. Add Texture with Linen and Burlap

Texture plays a crucial role in rustic farmhouse decor. Add texture to your space with linen and burlap textiles. Use linen curtains in a natural hue to bring in softness and elegance. Layer burlap table runners on your dining table or use burlap pillow covers on your sofa to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

7. Incorporate Vintage Farmhouse Signs

Vintage farmhouse signs add a touch of nostalgia and charm to any space. Look for signs with rustic wooden frames and vintage-inspired typography. Hang a sign that says “Farmhouse Fresh” in your kitchen or place a sign that says “Gather” above your dining table to create a focal point in your decor.

8. Display Fresh Spring Greenery

Greenery is an essential element of spring decor. Display fresh spring greenery such as potted plants, herbs, and succulents throughout your home. Place small potted plants on windowsills, hang a herb garden in your kitchen, or create a centerpiece with a mix of different succulents on your dining table.

9. Create a Rustic Farmhouse Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a great way to showcase your personal style and add visual interest to your space. Create a rustic farmhouse gallery wall by combining vintage frames, botanical prints, and family photos. Arrange them in a visually pleasing way on a large wall in your living room or hallway.


By incorporating natural elements, soft pastel colors, vintage finds, and cozy textures, you can transform your home into a rustic farmhouse oasis this spring. Embrace the charm and warmth of this style and create a space that welcomes you with open arms.