20 Creative Pvc Pipe Ideas Anyone Would Use

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20 Creative PVC Pipe Ideas Anyone Would Use! Do it yourself ideas and


Are you looking for budget-friendly and versatile materials to use for your DIY projects? Look no further than PVC pipes! PVC pipes, short for polyvinyl chloride pipes, are commonly used in plumbing and construction. However, their uses go far beyond that. In this article, we will explore 20 creative PVC pipe ideas that anyone can use to add functionality and style to their home or garden.

1. PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Tired of tripping over shoes scattered around the entryway? Create a shoe rack using PVC pipes. Simply cut the pipes into small sections and glue them together in a grid formation. Paint the rack in a color that matches your interior and voila! You have an organized and stylish shoe rack.

2. PVC Pipe Planters

Add a touch of greenery to your space by making PVC pipe planters. Cut the pipes into desired lengths and seal one end. Fill them with soil and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. Hang them on the wall or arrange them on a shelf for a unique and eye-catching display.

3. PVC Pipe Curtain Rods

Want to hang curtains without breaking the bank? Use PVC pipes as curtain rods. Cut the pipes to the desired length, attach decorative finials, and install them just like regular curtain rods. You’ll be amazed at how well they blend with your decor.

4. PVC Pipe Wine Rack

Love wine but don’t have a proper storage solution? Create a wine rack using PVC pipes. Cut the pipes into equal sections, glue them together in a pyramid shape, and secure them to a wall. Now you have an elegant wine rack to display your collection.

5. PVC Pipe Desk Organizer

Tired of a cluttered desk? Make a desk organizer using PVC pipes. Cut the pipes into different lengths and glue them together in a pattern that suits your needs. You can store pens, markers, scissors, and other office supplies in the various compartments.

6. PVC Pipe Towel Rack

Need a towel rack for your bathroom or poolside? PVC pipes make excellent towel racks. Cut the pipes to the desired length and attach them to the wall. You can even add hooks to hang your towels. It’s a practical and cost-effective solution.

7. PVC Pipe Bookshelf

Running out of space for your books? Build a bookshelf using PVC pipes. Cut the pipes into equal lengths and glue them together in a ladder-like formation. You can create multiple tiers to accommodate your growing collection. Paint the pipes in a fun color to make it visually appealing.

8. PVC Pipe Toy Storage

Got kids? PVC pipes can help you organize their toys. Cut the pipes into different lengths and create compartments to store toys of various sizes. Paint the pipes in vibrant colors to make it more appealing to the little ones.

9. PVC Pipe Trellis

Want to add a touch of elegance to your garden? Use PVC pipes to create a trellis for climbing plants. Cut the pipes into desired lengths and connect them with elbow joints to form a trellis shape. Place it in your garden and watch as your plants grow and twine around it.


PVC pipes are not just for plumbing anymore. With a bit of creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can transform PVC pipes into functional and stylish items for your home or garden. From shoe racks to planters, the possibilities are endless. So, grab some PVC pipes and start exploring your creativity today!