Diy Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas

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DIY Paper Christmas Lights Decoration • Rose Clearfield

DIY Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas


Christmas is a festive season that brings joy and happiness to everyone. One of the best ways to create a cozy and magical atmosphere during this time is by decorating your home with beautiful Christmas lights. In this article, we will provide you with some creative and easy DIY Christmas lights decoration ideas that you can try in 2023.

1. Fairy Light Mason Jars

Create a whimsical atmosphere by placing fairy lights inside mason jars. You can decorate these jars with ribbons or paint them in festive colors. These enchanting lights will add a warm and cozy glow to any corner of your home.

2. Outdoor Lighted Garland

Dress up your outdoor space with a lighted garland. You can wrap fairy lights around a garland made of pine branches or artificial greenery. Hang it around your front door or along the porch railings to welcome your guests with a festive charm.

3. Twinkle Light Curtain

Create a mesmerizing curtain of lights by hanging strings of twinkle lights from the ceiling. This DIY project will transform any room into a magical space, perfect for hosting Christmas parties or enjoying cozy evenings with your loved ones.

4. Lighted Christmas Tree Art

Get creative and make your own lighted Christmas tree art. Using a canvas or a wooden board, create a tree shape with painter’s tape. Then, attach string lights along the tape lines to form a beautiful illuminated tree. Hang it on your wall as a unique and eye-catching Christmas decoration.

5. Mason Jar Luminaries

Add a festive touch to your outdoor space by making mason jar luminaries. Fill mason jars with Epsom salt or fake snow and place a tea light or battery-operated candle inside. These luminaries will create a warm and inviting ambiance during the holiday season.

6. Lighted Snowflake Window Decorations

Decorate your windows with lighted snowflake decorations. Cut out snowflake shapes from white or silver cardstock and attach string lights to the back. Hang them on your windows to create a magical winter wonderland both inside and outside your home.

7. Wine Bottle Lights

Recycle empty wine bottles by turning them into beautiful lighted decorations. Insert string lights into the bottles and place them on shelves or tables. These elegant and eco-friendly lights will add a touch of sophistication to your Christmas decor.

8. Lighted Garland Staircase

Add a festive touch to your staircase by wrapping it with a lighted garland. Attach fairy lights to the garland and drape it along the banister. This simple yet stunning decoration will create a warm and welcoming entrance to your home.

9. Lighted Wreath Chandelier

Elevate your Christmas dining experience by creating a lighted wreath chandelier. Hang a wreath from your chandelier and attach fairy lights to it. This elegant decoration will create a magical ambiance during your holiday gatherings.


These DIY Christmas lights decoration ideas are simple, affordable, and will add a touch of magic to your home during the holiday season. Get creative, have fun, and make your Christmas celebrations even more memorable with these enchanting light decorations.