Fender Vintage Fret Wire Size

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Fender Vintage Fret Wire Size. Currently very popular (.090″ x.055″). The largest fret wire available (.110″ x.055″).

Fender Vintage Guitar Fret Wire 24 pieces 0992014000
Fender Vintage Guitar Fret Wire 24 pieces 0992014000 from www.walmart.com

That one is too thick. Medium jumbo is probably the most commonly used size of all. On a vintage guitar, you don't want to monkey with that dimension by more than.005.

Most (Though Not All) Of The Serious Pro Players In My Mandolin Clientèle Prefer Much Heftier Ones, Such As The Dunlop 6230 Or The Lamentably Extinct Dunlap 6280 (It Was Really Close To 1930'S Gibson Guitar Frets).

That one is too thick. I like to feel the fingerboard. That said, any fret wire that has a width of about.075 to.085 retains the most important original dimension:

The Smallest Fret Wire Found On Older Fender Necks (.078″ X.043″).

These days, modern guitars tend to have thicker varieties in place, so 6230s are a bit of a rare find. The.73mm (yellow) is one you probably already know. I find it's too tall.

I've Played Avri Fenders Before, And The Frets Didn't Seem Difficult To Play.

6105.096 x.047 narrow and tall. If however your fingers sweat a lot and you need something with better grip, try dunlop tortex in the thinner sizes of.50mm (red) and.60mm (orange). 6230 is a typical vintage fret size, based on warmoth's chart, it's the smallest.

A Little Taller And Wider Than Medium/Medium.

This is big stuff for the almost scalloped feel. It only works on my jazz since the frets have been ground down so much. I was just curious, fender's site didn't have the information, so i thought i may find it here.

The Largest Fret Wire Available (.110″ X.055″).

Medium/higher.092 wide/.048 tall/ 0.062 tang. Fender's most commonly used fret size on our most popular models. The typical vintage gibson mandolin fret, at.034” wide and.032” tall when new is, to me, absurdly small.

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