Vintage Fender Super Reverb Amp

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Vintage Fender Super Reverb Amp. Super reverb/bandmaster reverb blackface mod kit. Made between 19977 to 1980.

Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Super Reverb 4x10 Guitar Combo
Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Super Reverb 4×10 Guitar Combo from

Loaded with a spring reverb that is luscious and enviable as well as a remarkably musical and warm tremolo/vibrola. The fender twin is a big, loud, clean amp, regardless of whether you’re looking at a bp or sp. It was serviced about 6 months ago.

The Fender Super Reverb Was A Guitar Amplifier Made By Fender.

Steive ray vaughn made this amp famous with his signature blues style, and it’s a great bet for players who want to get that kind of tone. That is also when the bias control was introduced, as well as a number of changes to the output stage. It’s prized for it’s sweet tone and versatile sound.

The Amp Features Its Original Quad Of Alnico 10 Cts Speakers, Pushing 40 Watts Of Pure Fender Black Panel Clean.

It was serviced about 6 months ago. Good vintage ones are hard to find and when a player gets a hold of one they seldom part with it. Made between 19977 to 1980.

The Fender Super Reverb Amp Is Probably The Most Used Of All The Fender Amps For The Blues.

Now the top blues stars may be able to afford fancier amps, like dumbles and boutique amps, but for. '65 super reverb®, 230v eur. As a bp, the twin reverb was always an 85w amp until 1968 when it was increased to 100w.

The Fender Twin Is A Big, Loud, Clean Amp, Regardless Of Whether You’re Looking At A Bp Or Sp.

Speakers are not buzzy nor blown. It was introduced in 1963 and was discontinued in 1982. With a heavy heart i have to let my super twin reverb go.

This Amazing Fender Super Amp Wide Panel From 1954 Sounds, Feels And Looks Like A Dream.

In fullly working order, this really is a beautiful sounding amp. The super reverb is a popular amp choice for players who want vintage fender tone in a hefty 4×10 combo. The two 10 speakers are astonishing.

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