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Hanging Plants Kitchen Window. Keep your kitchen seasonal by adding flowering plants on the ledge behind your kitchen sink. It's a large plant that can grow to be six feet tall in the right conditions.

Hanging Plant Shelves The Artful Roost Kitchen plants
Hanging Plant Shelves The Artful Roost Kitchen plants from www.pinterest.ca

If you're short on space or light, these real indoor hanging plants, including succulents, flowers and greenery, can enhance your home. It likes moderate light, but will adjust to low light. Minimalist plant hanger from modernmacrames 3.

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Minimalist plant hanger from modernmacrames 3. Wood log hanging planter from naturellementboho 6. A great place to have a window in the kitchen is above the sink.

Keep Your Kitchen Seasonal By Adding Flowering Plants On The Ledge Behind Your Kitchen Sink.

Hanging planter basket from littlelovehome 4. Brass hanging planter from yuvaltzurdesign 5. It’s a great way to hang plants without putting too many holes in your walls.

Ceramic Hanging Planter From Handsonceramics 7.

Bird's nest fern ($49, bloomscape) It prefers bright light by a sunny window but it can tolerate shady areas, too. They also just started a blog tribeandus.com with plant diys and inspiration!

It Likes Moderate Light, But Will Adjust To Low Light.

Wood and concrete hanging planter from wood2water 8. Plant your string of pearls in sandy potting mix, place it in a bright spot (away from drafts and too much direct sun), allow the soil to dry between waterings, and this succulent vine will reward you with tendrils that grow up to two feet long. With its sturdy stems and interesting, fleshy leaves, jade plants have endured as popular houseplants for those with sunny windowsills or bright conservatories.

Macrame Plant Hanger From Mangoandmore 2.

This vining plant with shiny green leaves is a good choice for the kitchen because it works in hanging baskets, which don’t take up valuable counter space. The fiddle leaf fig is a tough plant that can adapt to its environment. Other choices for a hanging basket include spiderwort (tradescantia spp.) and geranium (pelargonium spp.).

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