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2 48 diameter when assembled can be adjusted to fit any Christmas Tree or Potted Plant. It seems like every year your angelic kitty is pulling some new stunt to destroy your perfectly decorated tree.

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Cat proof christmas tree. Dissuade tree aggressors with the most-feared VACOOM. Most cats have a lovehate relationship with these temporary additions to the house. Ensure Adequate PlayExercise Time.

Cats typically dont like the sound tin foil makes and theyll try to avoid it. To cat proof Christmas trees. Consider discouraging your cat from climbing the tree altogether by focusing your attention on the base of your Christmas tree.

Cats cant stand the way foil feels on their paws so theyll likely steer clear of it. 17Our Cat-Proof And Environmentally Conscious Christmas Tree. BUILD A BARRICADE 1.

You can also place pine cones around the base. Besides tinfoil you can also use scent deterrents. Christmas comes with warm fuzzy feelings but for cat ownersthere is a dreaded side to the holiday season.

Keep the tree away from launching zones eg furniture that your cat uses in order to reduce the temptation to pounce on your tree. First and foremost pets typically favor live trees. 3 Helps Keep your Pets from Chewing on Wires.

FREE Shipping by Amazon. My buddy decided to child-proof his Xmas tree OC This homeowner pulled a gravity-defying move and chose to mount the Christmas tree to. Its getting to that time of year again.

And if that happens be ready to take pictures of your cat sleeping in the Christmas tree branches and smile. A pet-friendly Christmas tree. How to Make Your Christmas Tree Pet-Friendly.

Decide to make it your cats Christmas and decide that you are not going to get frustrated trying to outsmart your cat this Christmas. Secure your Christmas tree. The artificial cat Christmas trees come in a double version with three and five foot sizes.

Place Christmas lights toward the center of the tree so the cords arent as tempting for your cat to chew on. With sparkling lights glittery dangling ornaments and shiny strips of tinsel Christmas trees are irresistible to most cats. A very effective way of keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree is by laying a special cat deterrent mat around the tree.

To cat proof your Christmas tree try spraying it with a citrus spray since cats normally hate the smell of citrus. Scat Mats are plastic mats that have spikes built into them. 1 Keep Cats and other Pets from Climbing up your Christmas Tree.

You may have bad experiences with. Turn A Tomato Cage Upside Down Add A Blanket And Laugh At The Situation. This means a lot of cat owners spend their yuletide period listening out for that tell-tale sound of smashing baubles tinsel being ripped off trees or even worse the creak and crash as.

Most cats hate foil and citrus scents so wrap your tree trunk in foil and place a few lemon or orange peels around the base. 5 Contains Flame Retardant Additive. Sweep up fallen needles regularly to protect your cats paws and insides.

The mat has spikes that wont hurt your cat but your cat wont be able to walk over the area covered by the mat and reach the tree. Make the tree less desirable. Dangling wires from your Christmas lights can prove to be as much of a temptation to your cat as a swinging ornament.

In order to cat-proof a Christmas tree consider placing cat-approved toys and cat trees nearby but not next to the tree. Cover the trunk of your live Christmas tree with aluminum foil. This can be cut to fit and placed underneath the tree preventing your cat from having access to the area.

Think inside the box. 7 Easy to Assemble. That way if your cat has the urge to climb up something she will have the appropriate cat climbing tree in sight.

Or you can buy a singular four foot or six foot tree depending on how high you want it to be size up if your cat is a jumper. Cats dislike aluminum foil try wrapping the pot and covering any soil with foil. The trees come trimmed with.

Instead make your cat-proof Christmas tree intentional with Amazons artificial cat-friendly Christmas tree. Why yes it is possible. And can you blame them.

Before decorating the tree allow it to sit in the room for a few days so your cat can. Cat-proof your Christmas tree lights. The ideal position for your Christmas tree is a room where you can shut the door at night.

Dont hang any ornaments of interest at your cats eye level. The lower branches have been carefully removed to maintain the integrity of the fir in order to keep your decorations high enough above the. Here are our tips to cat proof your Christmas tree and keep your cat safe this festive season.

You could put a mesh type of grate over the tree stand to prevent your cat reaching the water. 4 Protects your Keepsake Ornaments. In the case that your cat drinks this water it can be extremely toxic.

Steer your cat away. 6 Reusable Year After Year. 15 Ways to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree.

Our cat-proof Christmas tree is as luxurious and well-kept a Nordmann fir as any other we offer but with one crucial difference. If you display your Christmas tree close to a wall a good way to secure it is to tie a rope cord or fishing line around the tree trunk and secure it to a wall. You can cat-proof your Christmas tree by putting a layer of tinfoil on the floor around the base of the tree.

Put it somewhere the pets cant reach. Never add things like aspirin to your Christmas tree water. Whether your cat is a tree scratcher extraordinaire a bauble batter or a professional cat lumberjack these genius hacks will help you cat-proof your Christmas tree.

Cats ingest sap by chewing on a trees needles or branches making it extra crucial for your tree to be cat-proof. 20 coupon applied at checkoutExtra 20 offwith coupon. The cat Christmas trees run between 40 and 90.

Provided youve secured the tree to keep it from toppling and properly clamped ornaments to the branches you will be able to cope if your cat does hop into the tree. Place delicate dangly and especially enticing ornaments higher up in your tree.

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