What To Use To Hang Christmas Stockings On Fireplace

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He uses a magic key of courseBut where do you hang Christmas stockings if you dont have a fireplacemantel. Great for those that have a lot of stockings to hang.

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Chalkboard Frame Wish List Stocking Holders Tutorial via Beyond the Picket Fence.

What to use to hang christmas stockings on fireplace. While you can certainly use a thumbtack or nail to secure a stocking in wood or a double-sided tape hook on stone there are two more decorative options. Curtain rod see mine HERE ribbon. The list of things you will need to hang your Christmas stockings is very short because it is just so easy.

You can treat your credenza just like you would as a mantel. Use Shed Antlers as Stocking Holders via Our Fun With Five. Opt for the Console Table Existing furniture like a console table or bookcase provides a perfect spot to hang Christmas stockings without involving a new purchase or additional work.

Then drape the garland. Throw on a little garland a couple candlesticks a Christmas figurine or two and finish it off with your favorite stocking hangers. Christmas Stocking Hanging 101 As the poem states the traditional spot for Christmas stockings in the house is from the mantel the wooden brick or stone frame around a fireplace opening.

Ecuadorian children put their Christmas lists inside of their shoes. Dont worry when Christmas Eve arrives Santa Claus will find them anyway. Heres what you will need tape measure.

To hang ornaments or stockings on different levels you can hang them with brown twine like I used on my mantel for a little more rustic look or you can use a festive ribbon a simple clear fishing line or white thread or string depending on what look you want. I used three for my log one on each end and one in the middle for support. But I dont hang my stockings there.

Hanging decorated stockings by the fireplace with the hope that Santa Claus will fill them with treats is a popular tradition. If the stockings arent going to be filled and need to be accessible how about handing the stockings above the fireplace. He often recommends staircase banisters sideboards or kitchen islands as alternative places to hang Christmas stockings.

I use a curtain rod to hang the Christmas stockings from the fireplace mantel. I put them on another wall near the fireplace. Stenciled Stocking Hanger Board Tutorial via Scissors and Spatulas.

Laura used a shell she scored at Goodwill for a whole 5. One great and very simple way to hang stockings sans mantel is to use a credenza as a replacement. In 1823 the practice was commemorated in song with the publication of the famous poem A Visit from St.

In the UK kids hang stockings from the fireplace mantle to catch the coins that Father Christmas drops down the chimney. However the fireplace is not the exclusive optionpeople who dont have one hang their stockings on doorknobs windowsills or bedposts. I liked this design because its supposed to work on any sizestyle mantel.

The hanging of stockings by the fireplace is one of the most popularly observed Christmas customs. Whether hanging from a fireplace or on a wall garland will support the stockings while adding to your holiday decor. Last year I hung gold mirrored ornaments from my dining room lantern with clear.

It will handle more weight then the stocking holders do and its easy to slide the stockings to the side when we light a fire. HANGING YOUR STOCKING BY THE CHIMNEY WITH CARE. Nicholas better known today as The Night Before Christmas.

Use a curtain rod to hang your Christmas stockings. Christmas stockings hanging over the fireplace at midnight on Christmas Eve. Twine thread ribbon or clear fishing line.

You could take down the current decoration put up a wreath and place stockings to either side of it. Using a hammer nail in the picture frame hanging hooks. This year I purchased these holders that are designed for hanging stockings across a mantel.

Take the wire and wrap it tightly around the hook part of the hanging hook. Also the top part of the hanger is fairly flat so it shouldnt interfere with the greenery or any other decorations I decide to use across the mantel. I would take pipe cleaners and tie my stockings to a string of colorful garland like red or just use plain green with colorful stockings and space them out along the garland.

3M hooks find them HERE fishing line. Take the other end of the wire and wrap around the log to hang it on the wall. Just about anywhere but these 12 clever ideas are particularly noteworthy.

How does Santa get inside homes without a chimney. I have a fireplace and mantel. Francis Toumbakaris owner of Francis Interiors in New York City offers holiday-specific design services to his clients.

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