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This is Stuckey the dog that was petrified inside of a tree trunk. When they sawed off the trunk they discovered the mummified corpse of a dog entombed inside.

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In 1980 the dog affectionally known as.

Petrified dog in tree trunk. The tree originated from the Florissant Fossil Beds called the Pike Petrified Forest at the time which became a National Monument in 1969. Apparently the dog had chased his prey down a hollow in the tree where it became stuck and then died of starvation. Sometime in the 1980s loggers were cutting trees in the forest.

If the average theft is two kilos that would mean six thousand people take illicit souvenirs annually. Did this dog sit in this tree trunk for millions of years waiting to turn to stone so he could be perfectly preserved. The tannic acid of the chestnut oak helped to harden Stuckies skin.

Meet Stuckie The Mummified Dog Who Has Been Stuck In A Tree For Over 50 Years The mummified dog was a shocking find for the loggers who were working on cutting the tree into pieces and almost turned it into mulch. So Southern Forest World caught a huge break with its star exhibit. Second the dogs body was well protected and well-ventilated in the hollow trunk.

He is now on display at the Southern Forest World Museum in Waycross Georgia. Its a world-class oddity that has drawn many tourists who otherwise would not have visited a tree museum. 20000-Years-Old Dogs Remains Found in Caves in Southern Italy.

Stuckie a dog mummified inside a southern tree. Opals were formed within the tree trunk itself. After seeing this anyone with half a brain can understand that decay would.

The tannins from the inside of the tree seeped out into the dog and prevented it from rotting inside. I doubt the amount is that large. A MUMMIFIED dog was found inside a tree trunk 20 years after it got wedged in while chasing a raccoon.

I refuse to believe there are that many dishonest people in the USA. The hunting dog aptly named Stuckie was discovered in a hollow stretch 28ft up by loggers. All that was left was a dried mummified hound petrified in an eternal struggle to escape.

When Walt bought the stump in 1956 the beds were privately owned and in reckless danger of being completely exploited by prospectors. The mummified remains of a dog were found lodged inside a tree trunk 20 years after it got stuck chasing animals in Georgia. But the loggers were about two decades too late to save the canine from his woody fate.

The type of tree that the dog got wedged into played a part in its preservation as well. Without knowing it they cut down the dogs tree and placed it on a logging truck. These incredible pictures show how well preserved.

13000-Years-Old Saharan Remains may be Evidence of First Race War. Coupled with the relatively dry environment inside the hollowed tree it made for the perfect mummifying condition. The hunting dog were not entirely sure of its breed but early reports identified it as a hound was reportedly chasing an animal when it became trapped inside the hollow part of a tree.

By JESSICA SARACENI 24th September 2020. Sit on a stump and listen to the Talking Tree. A 225 Million Year Old Petrified Opal Tree Trunk in Arizona.

Southern Forest World Mummified animals are literally nothing new but some lumberjacks got quite the surprise when they discovered a dog inside a tree trunk. The dog known as Stuckie was. The hollow tree also provided relatively dry conditions and the tannic acid of the oak helped harden the animals skin Imagine losing your dog in the 60s and finding it in a log 20 years later.

Thanks for watchingFifty years ago a 4-year-old dog went up a tree chasing something. Finally resins from the core of the tree may have helped in the dogs preservation. A group of loggers cut down a chestnut oak somewhere in a forest in the state of Georgia the United States of America.

The dry environment inside the trunk also provided shelter from the elements and sucked the moisture from the carcass. He never came downThe dog known as Stuckie was discovered in 1980. The dog was alive in the 60s and must.

Newsweek Stuckie still stuck in his tree at the Southern Forest World museum in Georgia. The air that was sucked into the tree through the base created a sort of vacuum effect further contributing to the drying. This is the mummified dog who was found by loggers inside a tree trunk 20 years after he got stuck while chasing a raccoon and starved to death in Georgia.

The Petrified Forest People have claimed that 12 tonnes of petrified tree are pilfered each year. A 225 Million Year Old Petrified Opal Tree Trunk in Arizona.

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