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These are tricks you can do to make your bookcase both functional AND attractive. Add a dark stain to a vintage bookshelf Tour the entire home by Robert Stilin.

How To Stage Easy Sensational Bookshelves Decorating Bookshelves Bookshelf Decor Bookcase Decor

But it creates a very unique and eye-catch.

How to decorate bookshelf. How to decorate bookshelves. How do you decorate a bookshelf. Well dive into design rules bookshelf decorating ideas and then how to decorate bookshelves below but first you need things to decorate with.

Arrange them in a visually-pleasing way around your. Get all the books out of the bookcase. Basically gather a bunch of decor pieces to start with and dump them on the floor in front of the bookshelves.

With adhesive foil or even paint you can achieve a lot. Wallpaper is a great way to spruce up the inside of a bookshelf. Your general tips for how to decorate a bookshelf first and then Ill get into more examples and information on each.

Separate shelves with decor Tour Federico De Veras entire Manhattan home. Before we talk about the types of items you could use as bookcase decor lets talk about the basics. If youre one of the lucky ones who have space for multiple bookshelves then you can decorate your shelves with a little bit of everything.

Opt for crisp white to create a modern feel Tour the entire home by. Instead focus on the color tones youd like to use. To offer some.

Bulky vases or decorative plates can hide their heft behind small frames without losing their uniqueness. You can decorate shelves with artwork or lush greenery dress them up with a trendy paint color or wallpaper stack books vertically or horizontally the list goes on and on. Upright books horizontal books small decorative object This is one of my simplest shelf styling formulas and one I use all of the time including on the shelf above the TV in this bookcase.

You can organize them based on category title size or even color which creates an interesting visual display. Try picking a color that matches the rest of the room but go a shade or two darker to make it stand out. Choosing a color scheme for your shelf helps it to appear more uniform even when there is variance amongst the pieces displayed.

For maximum pop try arranging the shelves with solid-colored items like white ironwork or a vibrant vase. Lean artwork along the back of the shelves and anchor them with books or heavier objects. Begin with a little research and look for bookshelf decor ideas on Pinterest google images and my website under the home decor category.

One-third books one-third accessories and one-third empty space per shelf. This bookshelf video is how to decorate a bookshelf with very few books. Gather a variety of objects.

The items you feature in your bookshelves will show look more prominent and eye-catching against a backdrop. Here are the basic bookshelf decorating rules. Put some of your books on an angle facing outwards stacked and upright with their spines showing to make your bookshelf Insta-ready.

It can add color and pattern and depending on what style you choose highlight items on the shelves. You simply stand about 4-6 books upright on the end then lay 1-2 books down right next to them and put a small decorative accessory on top. The back wall you see behind the books can easily be polished up.

Bookshelves can be tricky to decorate. If youre short on storage fill the bottom shelf with identical. How to Decorate a Bookshelf.

The basic rule of thumb for decorating bookshelves. Maybe youre drawn to pastel or muted colors or maybe youd like to use tones that are a little darker and moody. You dont have to choose specific colors.

Then add some candles bookends and Funk Pops. If at all possible remove everything from your bookshelf and wipe it down clean. Paint the inside of the shelves a darker color to highlight your favorite items.

The open shelves in my homey breakfast room are a focal point where the decor on the open shelves gets changed several times each year so theyll make a great example to use today. To decorate a bookshelf first decide how you want to separate your books. Start with a blank slate.

How to Embellish a Bookshelf If your bookshelf is looking a little tired and you want to spruce it up a bit consider these DIY upgrades. Next find some decorative items like framed photos small plants or artwork to include on your shelf. To decorate the bookcase place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth.

Clean the whole bookcase with degreaser and stick the frame off the bookcase. Bring in strategic stacking Add some cute bookends. Once I have pulled all my bookshelf ideas create a list of items that you see on the bookshelves in the photos and do some shopping at home and in the stores.

Heres how to decorate a bookshelf and your bookcases as a whole. In the image above you can see how I applied the principles that Im going to share with you to my entertainment center.

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