20+ Adorable Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Best Home Inspiration

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Textured ceiling designs are becoming more and more popular nowadays with people starting to get more adventurous with their home décor. Adding some color, texture and style to your ceiling can change the aspect of the entire room. By simply remodeling the ceiling you can add depth and light to different rooms which can make a huge difference and can change the appearance of the room without having to remodel every feature.

Many people do not delve too far into the idea of creating a textured ceiling design for their homes as they believe it to be a burdensome task which will require a lot of time and effort to complete. Though, if they were to price up the reality of having textured ceiling designs it is actually a very affordable and simple procedure.

There are many different ceiling types that are now available with a variety of patterns and textures including brush textured ceilings, metal ceiling tiles and many more. Some people are even embarking on some unconventional methods of design which allow you to use just about anything to add some texture and pattern to your ceiling. Simply by getting some paint and a texturing comb, you can add some very vivid and imaginative texture a plain and simple ceiling.

As well as being affordable, this creates a unique look and adds a personal touch to your home. A texturing comb is inexpensive and easy to come by, while the application would consist of texture powder and water. Instead of using a texture comb, you can be even more unique and creative by applying the texture with different objects such as your hands, sponges or different cloths. All of these will have a different texture, though be sure to experiment before you go ahead and start o the ceiling.

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