30+ Unique Home Lighting Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Proper home lighting design can go a long way toward enhancing the overall appearance of your property, both on the inside and out. A well-placed table lamp or outdoor light can highlight a strong feature of your home, such as a painting or an outdoor statue.

On the other hand, by decreasing the light in areas that you don’t want to be as visible, you can keep the attention of your guests focused on the stronger points of your home. But it does take a little planning and forethought to maximize the lighting design possibilities.

For example, if you are lighting a large room without any outstanding characteristics, then general lighting makes for a good home lighting design decision. And with the installation of a dimmer switch, you can control the amount of light to suit the occasion.

If you have a room containing a prized piece of art or a valuable collection, then accent lighting would be the choice. You can focus the light on the object in a subtle way, without creating a spotlight effect. The placement of recessed lighting above the object will accomplish the task.

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