20+ Awesome Living Room Wood Floor Decoration Ideas That You Need To Try

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We all want to do our part to help save our planet. Nevertheless, most of us do not like to be told what we should purchase or what we should not consider purchasing. We have been encouraged to wean ourselves away from incandescent light bulbs, and switch to energy-saving bulbs, which we have now grown accustomed to, and in many cases have come to prefer, but what about flooring? Fortunately, flooring is also an area where you can go green, and do so in style. It is indeed possible to have great looking wood flooring in your home without contributing to worldwide deforestation.

Your choices are many. Going green does not have to mean going without wood floors to keep trees from being harvested. The secret lies in sustainability. When a forest is growing as fast as its timber is being harvested, it can be considered to be a sustainable resource. If your beautiful living room wood flooring has been manufactured from material coming from a sustainable resource, there is no need to experience a guilt trip every time you look at it.

Bamboo is an excellent example of a sustainable source of wood for flooring. Bamboo is sustainable to the point of being invasive. When bamboo is harvested as a wood product, the roots are left in the ground as the trees are cut. New trees quickly start to grow from these roots, and in a few short years this new growth is itself ready to be harvested.

White ash is also a sustainable species, but for a different reason, the reason being intelligent forestry management. White ash can be rather heavily harvested because the harvested trees are constantly being replaced and there are restrictions on the number of trees that can be harvested are. Some varieties of maple are considered sustainable for yet another reason, that being their sheer abundance.

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