20+ Cool Wood Sunflower Wall Decor Ideas That You Need To Try

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The inside entrance to your home is a great place to set a welcoming upbeat tone for your home. Let’s start with a metal sun wall decor piece. Hang the sun on the wall high enough to hang a functional coat rack below it. If you have a large enough wall here, accent with smaller moon and/or stars for the “whole” look. Select the style, color and size that is appealing to you and a style that compliments your home overall.

The family room or casual living area is a fun area to decorate with celestial sun moon wall decor. Because of the size, this would be a great room to include the popular star wall decor as an accent. Either above the mantel or behind the sofa–whichever you would like to be your main focal point, you can hang a large, classy sun wall hanging. Accent it with wall pockets or metal wall candle sconces. Use a pair of star shaped wall pockets and fill with artificial greenery and/or bright, sunny flowers.

Sunflowers are really popular right now. Candle sconces, with a leaf or star motif, incorporated in the design will help carry your look. For a more upscale sun wall decor look, you may want to try a more abstract sun look–one with no face or a piece that just has a sunburst, ray look.Continue your sun wall decor to the smaller wall spaces in your room with a grouping of stars or stars and moon. Including a mirror or wall clock in the grouping, when enough space is available, adds an extra touch to the room. Just make sure the home decor accessories have the same style and feel…whether casual, country, traditional…

One room we have found to be quite popular for sun wall decor, is the bathroom. In most baths, you will need to find smaller sun decor. One suggestion, would be to hang decorative sun stepping stones. Most of the decorative stones, on the market, have hangers on the back just for this purpose. The stepping stones are a good size and resistant to the humidity and moisture found in bathroom areas. The bathroom is a fun room to hang a small, “sunny” windchime. Finish it off with a small artificial flower pot with bright daisies or sunflowers. A small sun plant poke would make a nice finishing touch.

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