30+ Lovely Attic Apartments Design Ideas With Shabby Chic Styles

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Converting an unused attic can be a wonderful way to add space as well as value to your home. The unused real estate above your head can be transformed into an area with almost endless possibilities. However, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed before attic remodeling begins.As attics tend to be colder in winter and hotter and stuffier in summer than other areas of the home, the issue of providing adequate ventilation and insulation needs to be addressed as one of your first concerns.

To help you with this, consulting a structural engineer can be a good investment. This trained professional can also help you address any other problems that may make attic conversion difficult, such as sagging floors and inadequate walls, which can actually pose a threat to your family’s safety.The possibilities for the use of your attic space are limited only by your budget and imagination. Some people even choose to convert their unused space into an income-generating apartment, while others take advantage of the opportunity to add a children’s playroom, or a great family room.

All of this is made easier and more efficient if you work with a professional architect to help you draw up plans that will make the best use of both the available space and the budget that you have allotted to your project. When converting an attic there are a number of building code issues, such as safe exit strategies and adequate access form the lower levels. An architect will be familiar with all of these issues and can help stop you from making costly mistakes along the way.

One of the issues faced by many people who are considering an attic renovation is the issue of lighting, both natural and artificial. Many attics have tiny windows and slanted ceilings that can make them dark and cramped looking. Changing the windows or adding dormers and skylights can truly make all the difference in an attic space, not to mention the wonderful views they can provide once the area is in use.

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