30+ Inspiring Tree House Design Ideas For Wedding To Have

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Autumn is a beautiful and flamboyant time of year. Leaf peepers ogle brilliant red, orange and yellow trees while chilly breezes caress apple cheeked children waiting with starry eyes for the approaching holidays. Halloween is one of those holidays and perhaps it’s most mysterious and colorful. Ghosts, goblins, witches and other strange creatures of the night materialize for their annual ritual of trick or treating.

Haunted houses, scary movies, bags of candy and costume parties are just a few elements that mark this peculiar holiday. Remember Bela Lugosi and Boris karloff on the old silver screen? They brought Dracula and Frankenstein to life in ways we could never imagine. Indeed some of us love the idea of haunted houses and scary movies so much we wish to incorporate it into our own magical moment when we say I do.

Planning a haunted house wedding can be terrific fun and something you and your beloved will enjoy and remember for all your years to come. First of all find your self a rickety old house, something in the Norman Bates style would do nicely. Older houses and dwellings can be found everywhere. Next you need to decide on how you wish to decorate and this is really fun.

For a haunted house, fluttering curtains, creaking doors, lights and shadows play a unique and intriguing part in setting the stage for atmosphere. In the old parlor sprinkle dust, string a few spider webs and set drippy candles through out to give the true feel of a haunted house. You can choose whatever colors you desire, who said it had to be orange and black? If the house has a staircase adorn it with garlands and dim lights for a dramatic entrance.

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