20+ Stylish Acapulco Chairs Design Ideas For Relaxing Everytime

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Wicker dining chairs lend delicate and natural appeal to your dining room. You can easily change the décor of your dining room whenever you want to by simply moving these chairs as they are very lightweight. With a broad spectrum of styles and designs ranging from The Victorian era to more purposeful contemporary pieces, they offer diverse selection catering to needs of all. Apart from their artistic and natural appeal, they are very popular throughout the world for their reasonable price. There are different types of wicker dining chairs based upon the different materials used to make them. The most

Rattan is the most common kind of wicker that is used to make most of the wicker furniture including dining chairs. It is a fibrous material obtained from a plant similar to palm. Rattan is quite strong, flexible and very resistant to cracking and breaking. Stain, paint or varnish can be easily applied to furniture made from rattan. Furniture made from rattan can be easily painted in different colors to match your home décor. Among the strongest of the different types of wicker, rattan is commonly used to make dining chairs, dining tables, sofas, divans and other furniture.

Wicker dining chairs made from cane is ideal for people who like the natural and unfinished look. Cane is also obtained from the rattan plant but from a different part. Cane is equally durable and strong as rattan. The natural glossy appearance of cane makes it quite difficult to varnish or paint it. Therefore, most of the furniture made from cane retains its natural looks.

Synthetic wicker fibers are also used sometimes along with the rattan and cane to make wicker dining chairs in order to provide more strength.There are also different types of wicker dining chairs based upon their styles and designs like Mexico chairs and Karachi chairs. The back of the Mexico chairs is somewhat open, which is supported by two strong wooden posts and a solid area of complexly weaved wicker in the center. The seat outlines are fashioned in sled-style and also made using wicker that provides both comfort and firmness. These wicker dining chairs bring a Mexican feel to your home.

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