30+ Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas With Music Themed That Everyone Will Like It

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To create a musical theme, follow a plan. First, determine the bedroom’s dimensions. Then you must make an important decision: are you going to add extra furniture to the room? If purchasing new furniture is unnecessary, then do not purchase it. You can use various means to embellish the furniture so it matches the floor and walls of the room.

You can use a variety of approaches regarding the color of the walls. Paint all of them the same color, or use two different colors for different walls. Neutral colors are best, as they can create some balance with flashy musical accents that you will add later. You could also add wallpaper to help create a musical theme. An excellent option is wallpaper that gives the appearance of an auditorium’s wooden flooring. You could place music notes wall hangings atop it.

Another technique is to add borders with musical themes, such as musical notes, guitars, pianos, treble or bass clefs, etc. You could add borders at the center of the walls, or at the top of them. Placing borders at the top of the walls will create more space for various types of wall decor.

The color of the carpeting and drapes should be neutral (i.e. grey or white), to offset the various accents in the room. However, one of those accents could be the actual prints on the drapes! Use a maroon carpet runner at the door, to give the appearance of a musical awards ceremony.Use a variety of musical theme accents, to add color to your furniture. Some examples include bedspreads, pillows, and throw rugs.

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