20+ Stunning Diy Wine Storage Racks Design Ideas That You Should Have

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I am about to show you 2 simple tips to use with your DIY wine rack plans that can save time and money on the project. Wine rack plans are often used as a simple first time project by those new to woodworking, but that does not mean there won’t be mistakes made because they do happen! These tips should help you steer clear of the worst of them.

Decide how many bottles you plan on storing so you can work out your space needs before you begin building. You would be surprised how much space even a few bottles of wine can occupy, of course this will depend on the shape of rack you choose to go with.

For instance, wall wine rack plans are going to differ greatly from floor standing units but surprisingly they often hold a similar number of bottles. If you are unsure of exactly how much you want to store, you can go for a modular design which keeps the same basic footprint but can be added to vertically to meet demand, much like shelves.Decide whether you want to use your wine rack to showcase your collection or simply just for storage, and out of general view.

People sometimes complain that their plans appear to be a rather dull looking design but that they wish to have the rack as a feature in their home. If only a basic design is offered by your set of wine rack plans, build as though you will be using it as a piece of furniture, this can be achieved simply by using a higher grade of wood and applying a more decorative finish.

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