30+ Cozy Dorm Room Design Ideas That Looks More Awesome

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Just as with any living space, it’s important to consider what you have to work with, as well as your actual needs for the space. In most cases, a dorm room must function as a combined bedroom, living room, recreation room, and office. Because it must meet all these varied needs, choosing multi-functional furniture pieces and accessories is absolutely vita.

If you share the space with a roommate, it’s also important to take their needs, likes and dislikes into consideration. While in some cases you’ll be able to reach some decorating “middle ground” with a roommate, in other cases the best you can hope for is equally dividing the space. Even if you take the divided space approach, you should try to be considerate of your roommate’s tastes and interests. Once you’ve given some thought as to how you want to utilize your space and have taken any limitations into consideration, you’ll be ready to begin decorating.

Because you’ll be spending so much time in your dorm room, it’s important to choose a decorating style that is a good match for your personality, interests and needs. Although in most cases you won’t be able to paint the walls, you can still decorate them with posters, artwork, and other decorating items that you find appealing. In order to avoid the need for nails, you should focus on lightweight art pieces. As long as your wall decorations aren’t heavy, you’ll be able to use adhesive products designed for hanging items on walls without marring them.

Heavier items can always be displayed on a bookshelf. In order to maximize your storage and display space, always choose a full height bookcase instead of a shorter one. You can also express yourself through the use of furniture pieces. Even older pieces can be transformed into something unique through the use of paint, furniture throws, or slipcovers. Choosing a colorful and interesting bedspread is also important, since the bed is almost always a focal point in a small dorm room.

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