30+ Delicate Two Seat Workspace Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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Even a well-planned office space won’t work if it’s located poorly. If you see clients in your office frequently, and especially if you have small children at home, separate the office from the home spaces as much as possible. This might mean a completely independent office structure, or an existing room with an entrance designed for use by clients alone. If the office and home spaces are adjacent, proper sound insulation is a must.

Building a completely new office structure allows you the most design options, but forces the consideration of future use. Will you work at home forever? If not, what will become of that dedicated office? In my home, the old office is in “phase two” of its evolution, the kids’ “playroom”. In phase three it will be remodeled into a media room for the adults. Design your office to grow and change with you.

Remodeling an existing space into a home office requires you to look carefully at the use of adjacent spaces. Many clients will think it a faux pas if they hear the toilet flush upstairs during a meeting. Speaking of plumbing, will there be a nearby bathroom for client use? Will they have to wait for your son to get out of the shower to use it?

But perhaps you don’t see clients at home. You may only need a quiet place to get in a few hours or work each day or you may find that the solitude of home is simply a better environment for what you do. This situation allows the office to be buried within one of the family areas of the house; a nook adjacent to the kitchen keeps you near the center of activity and able to supervise children; conversely, an alcove attached to the master bedroom can be very private and reduce the temptation for the children to interrupt. If you need privacy, find it by locating the most remote areas of your home.

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