30+ Enchanting College Bedroom Design Ideas With Outdoor Reading Nook

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Layer white table dressings for a old-fashioned look on the vanity. Add a couple of matching silver champagne glasses stuffed with pink wines, a collection of family photos, silver jewelry box and an elegant glass base table lamp.Make a statement with garden themed wall decorating ideas, such as a collection of straw garden hats and floral plates.

A straw hat placed on a hat stand on the corner table with more hats hanging behind it creates an idyllic grouping. Add a tea pot or sugar bowl full of your favorite blooms.Details count. Dry lavendar hanging in bunches from a glass knobbed closet or room door is a nice touch. Place a collection of floral and striped hat boxes on top of an armoire. A topiary on the bureau seeps English garden charm. Supply aromatherapy with candles and potpourri in floral fragrances.

Add architectural pieces from yesteryear to bestow garden themed hints. Suggestions include an antiquated wrought iron fence grating makes a different focal point on a wall or as a headboard; perch antiquated birdhouses atop work posts for a whimsical statement in a corner.

Make the feel clearly individual by repurposing garden details in the bedroom. A plant stand cuddled in a reading nook that holds a few potted plants brings much charm. Transform a larger urn or other container with a glass top to repurpose it as a side table or night stand. Turn a painted flower pot into a captivating candle holder.

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