20+ Beautiful Kids Furniture Design Ideas With Animal Shaped That You Must Try

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Modern and trendy couples usually veer away from the traditional home décor. They adopt a lifestyle that is contemporary and reflects their preferences for the chic and trendy. As they mix and match the furnishings around the house, they also look for trendy furniture for each of their children’s rooms. These rooms need not be isolated with shabby and traditional stuff. Now available in the market is a wide array of trendy furnishings such as cribs, hammocks, mat and baby nursery rugs that suit even the most discriminating parent or modern kid.

Cool and hip furniture can be had in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Even cribs, dressers, bassinets and changing tables come in practical, convenient designs. There are cribs that can be converted into toddlers’ beds later on. There are matching wall art, beddings, mattresses and bath sets in a variety of designs like flower garden prints, jungle animal prints, or under-the-sea prints that will catch the eye of any cool kid. Nursery and toddlers’ room furniture come painted in any color of the rainbow, or even in multi-colored stripes. Nursery rugs come not only in different shag lengths and plain colors, but in an array of bold designs that look like works of art.

With a little planning and careful selection, you can create a trendy kids room that is restful, comfortable, and conducive to indoor activities. You can share quality time and bonding moments with your kid, surrounded by interesting wall décor and accessories that reflect your contemporary lifestyle. With the colorful and carefully-chosen pieces, you can expose your children early to artistic surroundings.

Wise parents also include in their plans, the proper ventilation of the room, the correct lighting fixtures such as lamps and nightlights, as well as soft music for the baby’s restful sleep. Toddlers also need small play sets, stuffed animals, and activity sets to keep them busy. As they grow into school age, you can add study tables and chairs, storage cabinets, and an entertainment corner. Young teens may want to dress up their own rooms, and with a little guidance, they can enhance their old rooms with bigger furniture, accents and accessories.

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