30+ Elegant Eco Friendly Toilet Design Ideas To Have In The Woods

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The first step to any campaign is to evaluate where you are now and set benchmarks to measure your future achievements. You can be creative with your goals, but a good place to start is by measuring how much office paper is sent out as waste every week and trying to cut that in half over the next six months.

When possible, avoid using paper at all. In the digital era, it is easy to communicate and work effectively without paper. Email should be used around the office to share messages and documents. Rather than storing hard copies of files and proposals, have them saved in a secure, online database. This can also help work flow efficiently and ensure that files are not irreparably lost.

While you’re looking for areas in which paper can be cut out of the office, remember to check the kitchen and bathroom areas. If your staff uses paper towels to dry their hands or their dishes, you can easily replace these with reusable cloth towels. Look into having linen hire taken care of by your janitors for an efficient and hygienic replacement to paper.

Setting your printer to print double sided as a default is an easy way to cut paper use in half. You could also set your word processing programs to a default style using a smaller font and wider margins. Even better, fully train your staff in how to use your word processors to share documents and edit drafts on the computer rather than on paper. Make sure that only essential items are printed.Buying recycled paper products, is a great way to minimize the impact of your paper usage without requiring major behavioral changes. Simply replace your toilet paper rolls with the recycled stuff and see if anyone even notices.

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