20+ Spectacular Stepping Park House Design Ideas With Green Space Concept

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Most RV parks have a posted speed limit of five miles per hour, and there’s a good reason for that. These parks house kids and pets who might not look before darting across the road, so it’s up to drivers to follow safe driving practices. Driving at the posted speed limit can also protect your, as some park paths are not level and may damage your suspension or cause things inside your RV to fall if you bounce your way down the road.

It’s easy to get caught up in the slow pace of life and the friendly conversation with neighbors when you’re staying in one. Never forget that these places are accessible to the public, and lock your whenever you go out. This includes a trip to the vending machine, or even a walk around the park; never leave unlocked when it is unattended.

It’s tempting to let your cooking gear sit out after dinner while you’re having a nice walk, or forget that you brought out other valuable gear for an excursion and left it. Don’t leave valuable items sitting out for everyone to see, because it might tempt a potential thief who would otherwise leave you alone.

Some campers prefer to camp away from others for a little bit of privacy. Unfortunately, this privacy can hurt you when it comes to safety in parks. Staying near other campers makes it more difficult for thieves to sneak into your ; camping on your own makes you a prime target. Keep this in mind when you’re picking your camping spot.

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