30+ Best Noho Bachelor Loft Design Ideas With Stylish Gray Accents

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Make sure the front light works and there are no spiders living in the corner outside. Have a mat to wipe feet on and a rack inside the doorway for coats/umbrellas if you don’t have a closet by the door. This is really important to making her feel comfortable immediately-and we all know by now this is job one.

For most of your house or apartment, keeping things straightened-up as opposed to Felix Unger pristine is the key. I’ve actually heard from some women that a surrealistically clean place creeps them out. They recognize “It just ain’t natural”, as we say here in Texas. So clearing out the clutter is the key. That may get us off the hook for dusting the floorboards, but the absolute exception to that guideline is the bathroom. CLEAN THE TOILETS. Clean AROUND the toilets. In fact, clean the whole room, including the tub/shower and the sink.


Use the “Clean Shower” stuff or equivalent every time you shower and you’ll save yourself major trouble later. Clean the spots off the mirror. Finally, as my good (and female) friend Amy Waterman pointed out once in an interview, get everything out of your medicine cabinet that you don’t want discovered. According to her, most women consider it their birthright to spy on your medicine cabinet. Sure you have condoms, but put them somewhere more discreet por favor. That goes double for the recreational Cialis.

You are cooking for her, aren’t you? (Remember who you’re hearing from here, right?) When you are shopping for an apartment or a house, make the kitchen a higher priority than most guys do. You want enough area in there that two people can work together. When you go for kitchen appliances, make sure stuff doesn’t clash. If at all possible, I highly recommend the stainless steel look. It’s got a high-end feel and comes off as masculine. Get a full compliment of kitchen utensils, decent knives and a set of pots/pans that gives you the flexibility to cook whatever you’d like. Get at least one set of matching dishes (make them masculine looking) and flatware service for four. If you have a suitable area outside, get even a small BBQ pit.

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