30+ Sophisticated Pink Colors Design Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

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Shower curtains are typically the main accent piece for bathrooms, the first thing you notice when entering the room. Whether you are remodeling an old bathroom or designing a new one, it is amazing what a shower curtain in just the right color can do for the atmosphere. Retailers are finding that one of the most popular colors for bathroom curtains to emerge in recent years is shades of pink.

The bathroom is a place for escape and relaxation. Accenting the bathroom with a shower curtain with the color pink as the predominant tone, lends a touch of indulgence. One of the lovely attributes of the color pink is that it comes in many different shades ranging from cool soft pinks to bold fuchsias and when paired with complimentary colors can turn your bathroom into a decorator showpiece.

For that gentler look, use lighter shades of pink in your curtain such as rose or pale pink. Round out the room with accessories in ivory, pale greens or white, and for a more masculine look, browns, blacks and burgundies add elegant touches. You can compliment these colors with wall paints such as whites, ivories or sages to add to an atmosphere of warmth and serenity.

The curtains come in a variety of materials and patterns. Pattern choices are limitless; the curtains come in florals, plaids, solids, and stripes to name a few. Many of the larger department stores carry lines of shower curtains in varieties of materials with accessories to match. If the material is not plastic, a plastic liner to protect against splashes and mold should accompany it. Whether you’re interested in hot pink curtains, pink tab top curtains or even pink gingham curtains for your bathroom, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for to truly make an impact.

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