30+ Brilliant Tropical Winter Decor Ideas That Bring Your Home Into Holiday Feel

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Winter can be a depressing time for people. The days are short, the weather can be lousy, and you long for the feeling of the sun on your face. For couples who have decided to be married in the winter, a terrific idea could be to create a wedding with a tropical theme. Your guests will feel as though they have been transported to a tropical island for one magical evening!

The key to designing a tropical wedding in the winter is going to be the reception décor. Specifically, lighting will play a big role. You will want to choose lights that either light the room like a sunny days (how better to chase away the winter blues?), or lighting that feels like the beach at night, with a twinkling starlight effect. The idea is to make an indoor space feel like an outdoor location.

To create the feeling of a tropical paradise, palm trees are a must. They can be rented for the wedding day, and are the perfect element to say “beach”. Potted trees are also a great way to fill up a large space on a budget. If your reception is in the evening, place uplighting in the base of the trees for a beautiful look.

For a color palette, consider either cool ocean blues and greens, or bright tropical colors like hot pink, parrot green, and sunny yellow. Whichever way you decide to go, carry the palette throughout your wedding design to really set the tone. Bridesmaids would look terrific in blue chiffon dresses with coordinating blue crystals in their bridesmaid jewelry sets. Or choose hot pink dresses, accessorized with unique coin pearl bridesmaid jewelry sets.

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