20+ Superb Outdoor Winter Decor Ideas That Refresh Your Feel

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Winter seems do drab sometimes; it is at least for me. I love the long days of the spring and summer. You can always plan a lot of outdoor activities. Nice walks in you Local Park, lounging down at the beach if you live close to water. How about flying a kite on a nice windy summer day. I love everything about being outside, and when winter comes around with its shorter days, it seems like we all hibernate inside until spring. Well we shouldn’t so lets take a look at some winter activities we can do.

Feed the birds. You can make inexpensive bird feeders by taking pine cones, (if you don’t have pine trees close by, you can purchase them at a arts and crafts store) covering them with peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed. Hang them outside and watch the birds as they eat to their hearts content.

When it snows, build a fort. Or if you have enough snow try building an igloo. They are constructed using blocks of snow that you can cut from big hard snowdrifts. Lay the blocks down one level after another. Make sure the blocks are inclined so the slope towards the center. Getting closer to the top use smaller and fewer blocks until the top is closed. Walla, you have an igloo.

How about making snow sculptures. Break tradition and make a beautiful sculpture instead of a snowman. How about a tortoise, a great white whale, or a pair of dolphins. To carve the magic, you can use buckets, spoons, snow shovels, trowels and even you glove covered hands. This will encourage the creative side of you children and spark their imagination and creativity. This can be a lot of fun for the entire family.

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