30+ Superb Fireplaces Design Ideas Without Fire To Try In Your Home

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Almost everyone has fond memories of evenings spent by a fire in the outdoors. Maybe it was at camp, with a sing-song and toasted marshmallows, or perhaps just baking potatoes in the embers of a Fall bonfire? Whatever the circumstances, the smell of wood smoke, the heat of the flames and the pleasure of being outside and watching the stars is simply hard to beat. And today you don’t have to go to the trouble of clearing a patch of ground and sitting around a fire on the floor – you can have a beautiful outdoor fireplace, complete with it’s own chimney and hearth.

Having an outdor fireplace allows you to use your patio early in the Spring and later in the Fall, without feeling cold on those chilly evenings. And what could be better than sitting round the fireside with friends, enjoying a bite to eat and a drink? You can even use the outdoor fireplace for cooking if it is set up properly. Outdoor fireplaces are available in a variety of shapes and size, with styles and prices to suit every pocket, but it is important to seek professional advice before having a fireplace built outside. Not only can they advise you on the best type for you and your environment, but they will also be aware of local codes that might restrict the type of fuel you can use.

Fire pits, or outdoor fireplaces, are the most requested design feature today, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects. And that is understandable. For thousands of years people have sat around a fire at night, talking and staring at the flames. Of course, modern versions are much safer than a pile of wood on the ground: depending on your taste and budget you can have anything from a simple metal bowl to an ornate structure on a built-in table. And some of them can be used for grilling – or making s’mores!

Fire pits are great for patios and courtyards. They lend the ambiance of a fire for the cool evenings, but with safety and convenience. And they can cost a lot less than people imagine.An alternative is the chimenea. These are basically a fire contained in a structure like an urn, with a large chimney – they don’t give out much heat, but they are attractive to look at and provide that lovely smell of burning wood.

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