30+ Spectacular Recycled Furniture Design Ideas For Your Pet Feel Happy

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If you are a pet owner and like to look up various resources for pet furniture, toys, and other accessories for your beloved four legged companion, then you’d probably be well aware of the latest sensation in the pet product niche: the pet egg house.The concept of an egg house is not entirely a novel concept, but it’s certainly become all the rage in the 21st century. When they were first introduced, pet egg pods were not as chic are they are today; rather, they were very basic, and not many pet owners took to them due to their price and ‘bulky’ look.

Over time, however, the pet product segment has boomed into a billion dollar enterprise, with thousands of unheard of items like innumerable types of pet furniture, bedding, toys, bath products, and even clothes finding so many buyers. One of these very items, the pet egg house, has become a hit with pet owners across the globe.Pet egg pods, are, just like the name suggests, egg-shaped beds for pets, with a front-facing opening that is large and comfortable enough for an animal to get in and out of the ‘egg’. Though earlier made primarily for cat owners, pet product manufacturers and designers have introduced these trendy little ‘hideouts’ for small dog breeds, bunnies or rabbits, and even hamsters and mice.

Most of the egg pet beds you can lay your hands on today are very modernist in their appeal and appeal to all kinds of aesthetic tastes. Today’s pod designs mostly incorporate washable, durable and recyclable materials in their designs to ensure the well-being of your beloved pet and to also offer you some convenience when it comes to keeping your pet’s quarters clean and spotless.

These egg pet house beds are great for owners who want to add some spunk and chutzpah to their home décor by including some fashionable, sleek, and streamlined pet bed models within their four walls. Such beds also come in a gamut of colors, shapes, and sizes so that you can take your pick depending on how well it would go with your décor, as well as the size of your pet. If you want to give your dog, cat, bunny, or hamster a taste of 21st century style, this is the best way to do so!

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