30+ Fabulous Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas To Copy

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One part of the kitchen that takes a lot of punishment is the kitchen backsplash – it protects your kitchen walls from grease and food stains. So it definitely has a function, that doesn’t mean that it cannot have style too, you just need to have a think about how to use it to its maximum effect. There are several different types of material that are widely used for kitchen splashbacks, these range from glass, to ceramic tiles, stainless steel, backlit splashbacks, man-made composite splashbacks.

Ceramic spashbacks tend to be the most common as they can fit in with any tiling you may already have fitted in your kitchen. Depending upon the type of tiles they can be cheap to buy and can be easy to keep clean, however you will want to clean up any spills or mess on ceramic tiles reasonably quickly as they can potentially stain depending upon how porous they are.

Glass tiles can give your kitchen a more modern look and can be very elegant. Glass splashbacks can be very expensive however so unless you’ve got the money to back up such a purchase its best to stay with Ceramic. It also depends on what style your kitchen is before you have the glass splashbacks, for example a glass splashback wouldn’t work if you had an old farmhouse style kitchen. Glass splashbacks tend to be more durable than Ceramic but they can expand with the heat and contract with the cold that will come from a kitchen and they can crack and grow weaker over time.

Stainless Steel makes an excellent material for splashbacks. Commonly seen in hotel and restaurant kitchens, it is easy to keep clean, will not expand and contract like glass and will not stain like ceramic tiles. They have a very long lifetime and will not scratch or dent easily.Man-made Splashbacks can be very durable, very easy to clean and very easy to have fitted, the only downfall is that they can be expensive to buy.

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