30+ Adorable Bedroom Kids Design Ideas That Looks So Funny

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Outer space theme bedrooms are the perfect choice for boys who love planets, rockets, galaxies and all things related to outer space. There are many options available to assist in creating an outer space theme room. As this is a very popular theme for young boys, there is a very unique selection of comforters and quilts full of planets and astronauts available online. One of the most well-known designs for outer space bedding is the ‘Out of This World’ comforter set. It is a classic design that has planets, rocket ships and comets set into an outer space background. The bedding can act as the main focal point of the room, and the theme can be completed with the addition of accessories.

Walls can be painted in a color taken directly from the bedding, in a more muted tone, or perhaps a bolder one, depending upon the look you are seeking. Colors most typically associated with an outer space theme are light or medium blue. A sky blue works well on the walls, and dark or navy blue can be used for the ceiling. If there is a color that is predominant in the bedding, such as a bright orange, this can also be a creative approach to take.

Consider out space theme wall murals, wallpaper, or borders. Have an artist paint planets, stars, astronauts, and spaceships on one of the walls. You can hang ready-made murals of the same items. Glow in the dark stars can be used on the walls and ceiling, as well as stick on planets. Stars, planets and the moon can be painted on the wall in glow in the dark colors. Glitter paint can be around edges or on stars.

Wall art is another method to further enhance the theme. You can purchase prints depicting outer space and planets, or simply cut out images you like from magazines and books and frame them. There are many web sites that sell stock print photography, for as low as $2.00 per image. I usually take this route, as the images can be printed in sizes that fit standard frames, hung on the wall, or clustered in small groups on dressers or built in storage cubicles. If you are handy with Adobe Photoshop or a similar program, you can create your own artwork, and perhaps add your child’s name to one of the images.

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