20+ Pretty Bohemian Style Decorating Ideas For New And Reliable Inspirations

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The great thing about urban bohemian style is that you can choose from any color palette you like. It can be all white for instance or rich jewel tones or soft muted shades. Before deciding on an actual color scheme, it is important to decide how the room should feel. Sometimes bohemian spaces are romantic and dark with rich colors and bold patterns. Other times it can feel breezy and light filled like an artist’s studio. Or it may have a worn elegance that muted colors achieve.

As with choosing colors for Bohemian style, choosing furniture is directly connected to how the space should feel. A few ornate but worn pieces look spectacular when paired with simple modern shapes and colors. For instance, you may have a very ornate bed with luxurious and exotic bedding but when put with modern nightstands or a clean lined bench would look stunning. They key is mixing periods and styles to find the right balance for you.


Artwork and accessories are what bring a room to life. This definitely holds true in bohemian design as well. They breathe life and your personality into the space. Whether minimalism is your bag or if you like “stuff”, both have a place in urban bohemian style. Accessories can be mementos from traveling or simple things that have meaning for you. The key again is to mix styles for an interesting blend. You might have very modern sculptural vase next to an ornately carved mirror creating a stunning juxtaposition.

Overall it is important to choose what you like. And how neat is it that there is finally a style where you can be an utter design schizophrenic and still be incredibly chic at the same time? At the end of the day your room should be uniquely yours and speak volumes of who you are.
Design should be fun. So don’t be afraid, go for it!After being a student of Southern Oregon University’s English Program, Angela Stephens along with her husband Joel created [http://www.PenielProducts.com], an online retailer of Inspired Home Furnishings and Decor. As well as being the Chief Product Coordinator for Peniel Enterprises LLC, Angela has dedicated herself to the study of interior & furniture design styles for the past 6 years.

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