30+ Elegant Cottage Design Ideas For Fun Lives In 2019

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The basic idea of an English cottage reminisces a rustic dwelling inhabited by local villagers a hundred years ago. Do not try to give it the ambiance of a manor- that is another thing altogether. Instead, think simple and inviting.Color Scheme- Since we are playing with an antique look, choose autumn shades. Brown, green, rust and orange work well. You can opt for splashes of washed-out pink or English rose as well.

Use these colors for the upholstery, the walls, and the floors.Windows and Floors- Think of a quaint roadside café. Use curtains that mimic that style- sheer and lacey. Do not choose curtains that drop below the windowsill. Wooden floors are apt. If you can afford rustic ceiling beams, go for it.

Furniture- A rustic fireplace is a beautiful piece that defines ‘English cottage’ perfectly. Get your hands on one if you can. Fill the house with antiques or antique-looking tables and chairs. Don’t use highly polished or sleek pieces of furniture. Worn or overstuffed couches or chairs, barrels used as end tables, old tubs, trunks, and cabinets are all good ideas.

Decor- Look for old lamps, mirrors with intricate frames, ceramic figurines, secondhand books, old musical instruments, hand-crafted rugs and quilts, and anything that inspires a tea party. Old china is an essential. Fill the place with plants and flowers if possible. Carefully chosen little details like these are what give the basic cottage look an English flavor.

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