30+ Attractive Garden Art Design Ideas That You Can Create Itself

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Have you ever looked at an old chair or child’s wagon that you were about to discard, and wondered if you could repurpose it as garden art? Well, you’re not alone! Many of us look at what we are about to send off into the great garbage heap down the road, and have second thoughts before letting it go. “Maybe I should hang onto that old bench,” you say “Perhaps that rusted wheelbarrow will last another season,” you rationalize. Sound familiar? Not to worry; you can save the item and save the day as well by using these items in your Earthen Garden!

All it takes is a little imagination and a household or yard item that you don’t mind leaving out in the elements. Yes, what once was a thing of beauty can again become a thing of beauty in a new and unique way! Keep in mind however, this is a one-way trip. Once your 1970s blue metal step-stool leaves your home (if that’s where it came from), and spends time gracing the great outdoors basking in the heat of the sun, and the rust inducing rain and snow, it won’t be fit to grace the kitchen any longer! But, you knew that.Look around your house, in your garage or attic; chances are that you will find something that can be used in a unique way to house a plant or give an interesting backdrop to a climbing vine!

The only limitation to the types and variety of materials you can use in your garden is your imagination. Got a car bumper or an old rusted push lawnmower? Use it! Got an old pedestal sink or a claw-foot bathtub? Recycle them into your yard instead of throwing them away.Use whatever you want, wherever you want – after all, it’s your garden! And the beauty of it all is that you just can’t go wrong.

If the item you choose doesn’t look right where you have it; move it! If the metal piece rusts after a while; no biggie it ads character! If the basket falls apart over time; simply throw it away! It was going into the garbage anyway…Creating garden art from your discards is a refreshing outlet for your creativity, and a fun diversion from planting weeding and pruning. To top it off, you’ll get a lot of “wows”, and “ohhhhs” from your visitors to your Earthen Garden. And, you’ll be the envy of the garden club as they wonder “how did she get so creative?”

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