30+ Magnificient Camper Storage Design Ideas You Must Know And Have

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Also known as a topper or cap, the camper shell is nothing but a small housing that is chiefly used for trucks and pickups. This bulky piece of equipment is added at the back portion of a truck to give your truck an ability to store many things. It is usually very large and so it can easily serve its different functions that make it ideal for camping. There are some different types of camper shells, usually made of materials like fiberglass or aluminum. And some soft-tops are made of canvas like convertibles. Whether, you are looking for bigger camper shell or a small one, this equipment comes in various designs, sizes to suit all your needs.

This is an expensive device, so when you buy it by paying a huge amount. You must remember one thing that your money will never worth, unless you buy something to protect it. Generally what happens is, we don’t need it that frequently and so it remains kept somewhere in the corner, where it holds more chances of getting damaged. Hence, find out an easily accessed area for your shell storage so that it does not get scratched while moving in or out. That is why the process of storage should be done in a safe way.

The first and the most important thing that you have to do for the process of you camper shell storage is, find out an appropriate area according to the size and design of your shell. One major thing is that you must select that area on the basis of aesthetic value, weather protection and safety from theft. So that in future, none of these elements can harm your shells.After that put 3 4×4’s on the ground and cover the width of the camper shell with that, keeping space of 4×4 to cover each end and the middle of the camper shell. This will prevent your shell from binge scratched.

The third stage should be done little carefully, where in you need to lift the camper shell from the bed of the truck with the help of some more people in a proper way and place it on the 4×4’s space. This can make you achieve the target of storing shell quite easily without any harm to you or to your equipment
Now a last stage, where in you need to cover shell with a tarp and stretch bungee cords across the width of the shell and then finally hook on the base of the shell for the safety purpose of the tarp in that place.

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