30+ Gorgeous Nordic Living Room Design Ideas You Should Have

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Treadmills are priceless pieces of equipment for exercising in your home. Walk, jog or run without being on hard pavement or in inclement weather, and choose from the convenience of various inclines and programmable workouts for further benefits. A Nordic Track treadmill is one of the best I’ve used and their various styles and price points allow you to find the right treadmill for your workout and budget.

Treadmills are great cardiovascular exercise, whether it’s walking a half mile or running several miles per week, depending on your routine or training schedule. As mentioned earlier, you can also use a treadmill year-round if you live in areas with harsh winters or frequent rain.Maybe their only downside is if you happen to enjoy outside weather, including cold temperatures and wet conditions.

If so, getting a treadmill for backup when you just can’t get outside is still a great idea. No matter your reasons for purchasing one, consider the great models by Nordic Track; one of their best includes the following features:The Nordictrack C2255 model is a motorized, programmable, folding treadmill with inclines and speeds of 0-10 mph, both with one-step controls. Just a touch of a button changes speeds or incline control without your having to scroll through a lot of other options.

This model also has six workout programs to keep you informed of your speed, time, distance and even carbohydrates burned (who else shows carbs!). There’s also a workout intensity meter that changes from blue light to red depending on the intensity of your workout. It tells you when you need to push a little more or back off to stay in line with your goals. The odometer tells you what your current workout’s distance is and the MyMiles feature shows total miles accumulated over time

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