30+ Creative Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas For Unique Bedroom

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These kind of themes have a still drilled down niche design themes, such as country, rustic, vintage, elegant, etc…
One of the major thing about these kind of themes is that muchemphasis is given on the natural beauty of any material.These designs are close to nature or are shown to be close tonature.These kind of design styles are very rarely found in the urbancity interiors. Mostly the countryside homes adopt these kind ifthemes, to replicate the flora and fauna of the outside environment.

The designer tries to include the patters seen in nature, such asleaves, flowers, plants. All these natural patterns are seen onwallpaper patterns, decorative lamps, curtains, furnitureupholstery, wall paintings, etc…Homes which are build on country side such as farm houses, the scarcityof space is not an issue, but this creates another problem as far as designing interiors is concerned.A bedroom, no matter of what size it is, requires some basic
furniture elements as functional needs, such as a double bed,dressing table, wardrobes, study tables, a book shelf etc..

It is sometimes possible that because of the large spaces, thebedroom looks empty after the furniture is arranged. At suchtimes “decoration” plays a major role. During ancient yearsthe palaces and castles had such large built spaces, whereextensive use of decoration was used in the form of paintings,heavy decorative flooring patterns, carvings, moldings as adecorative architectural elements.So in this oriental design trend, decoration of the space usingvarious accessories plays a major role.

These kind of design themes are very new as compared to thepreviously mentioned oriental design theme. But how did thedesigners came along using these kind of designs?During the starting years of the 20th century, the “IndustrialRevolution” in Europe changed the face of our planet. Itwas easy to design and manufacture goods on a mass scalewith amazing speed and efficiency.This created a flood of industries in and around the cities.
These cities attracted large amount of people to migrate fromrural areas to city centers in search of a living.

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