30+ Affordable Colorful Living Christmas Décor Ideas That Suitable For You

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By taking your common indoor/outdoor light strand and combining it with some light colored plastic ornaments, you can make your house the envy of the neighborhood during the holidays with a unique and festive light garland that most folks wouldn’t have even considered putting together.

You will want to start out by prepping your ornaments first.  If you do not have any that can be spared for this project, you should be able to find starter craft making ornaments at any of your better craft stores or online.  You want to drill a hole large enough on opposite sides of each other on every ornament to be able to feed your strand of lights through, but not so large that the lights easily fall out.

You can make a pilot hole to get started with a smaller drill bit.
Then, just feed your strand of lights through each ornament, evenly spacing however many you made to give a nice coverage to the tree.  I decided to not go overboard, since these were larger size ornaments, and my Leyland Cypress they would be hanging on might not take too kindly to so much weight.

I spread 16 ornaments over the 5 foot tree.  That is it.  Hang and enjoy your festive light garland, and store it away as is for the off season ready to hang again next year.  You may want to try using a multi-display type of light strand to vary the light show.

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