30+ Pretty Lawn Edging Design Ideas For Your Yard To Try

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The tendency for grass to “rhizome” itself into the gardens and the general root expansion of the always-voracious grasses and imperialistic lawns is a common problem often requiring substantial hand work and labor to maintain a good, separate edge. Indeed, this is one of the more common chores, historically, for any lawn and garden aficionado and one which any number of us can tell exasperating and long tales about this continual battle. The continual search for the perfect edging material for lawns is an ongoing process. Iron, cement edging, wood borders – all have been used as those necessary elements to demarcate and define the borders of our gardens.

One great answer is available currently in the shape of this newer brand of durable recycled plastic lawn edging. A lightweight, easy to install, product which covers the expansion factor as well as offering a simple but very defining edge. Another supreme virtue is that it stays somewhat hidden, supplying a nearly invisible bulwark against the encroachments of rhizomes and weeds and offering a distinctive and pronounced edge between the green expanse of the lawn and the colorful riot of a garden.

Composed of completely recycled plastic materials, this lawn edging product can not only quietly define the lawn edges and bed lines between your lawn and garden, but you can feel environmentally-responsible while using it. For many, this may seem a small, insignificant addition to our modern ways of product use, but it is actually far more than that. Each tonne of recycled plastic saves two tonnes of CO2, generated by the production of new plastic. Needless to say, inasmuch as plastic is a product resulting from oil, we also gain by a distinct measure in saving on this invaluable and increasingly rare commodity.

The installation is starkly simple. Excavating a trench alongside a lawn is a normal project nearly every Spring anyway. Clearing and mucking out the invasive tendrils of both the grass and the weeds threatening the lawn is a pretty predictable Spring – and an even on-going Summer – chore. This time, inserting the edging and securing it in place with the simple fasteners secures not only the edge, but also the lawn for “the duration”. The 6 inch product offers ample protection from rhizoming root spread and anchors itself extremely durably as the roots secure it in place as well.

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