30+ Stunning Garden Designs Ideas For Cottage To Try In 2019

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As time passes by, different garden styles are added to already vast number of garden styles. And each garden has its own unique and eye-catching flair. For instance, among cottage garden style, English country-cottage is well-liked with its old-fashioned flowers like roses and hydrangeas. English cottages are characterized by bumble bees and butterflies, and it signifies the mood of romance and lazy summer days.

To develop your place into an English country-cottage, it will be helpful if you know its characteristics and features. In size, it is small and packed, full and crammed with flowering plants. It usually surrounds a small and simple house that typically has a verandah. And because of its small size, it does not have a room for lawn. Instead, pathways are constructed that cut through plants and flowers. These paths can be made up of bricks, gravel, shell, or colored stones. This kind of garden is abundant but can look disorganized sometimes. Yet by carefully choosing of plants, their placement on the garden, their height and spread, you will have a truly attractive English garden.

This garden design should look informal and natural, like nature itself had sprinkled its seeds to draw a garden full of colorful plants. There are many plants and flowers that can be planted on this garden, like climbing rose, wisteria, poppies, cornflowers, Delphiniums, Erigeron daisies, and lavender. Aside from those summer plants, you can also incorporate spring bulbs to your garden so that you will have a garden that blooms all throughout the year. And because of the abundance of plants and flowers in this garden, maintenance is highly needed. You should love gardening and extend time and effort to take care of the plants.

Aside from pathways as its features, an English cottage garden usually has benches or swings for relaxation. You can also add fences, because they will add beauty at the same time they will emphasize the colors of your flowers (especially white-painted fences). Other than that, you can add any features that you want to see in your garden, just remember to maintain harmony and balance among all things in your garden.

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